Because your vote counts

About Us

P4D is an unincorporated, informal working group that identifies and vets grassroots organizations working to get out liberal and progressive votes in swing states, thereby protecting our constitutional democracy.  By bringing to the attention of friends and family excellent grassroots organizations that are often little known outside their areas of operation, we expand awareness of what kinds of political giving can have substantial impacts. We are self-funded, and all contributions made by our network of family and friends are contributed by them directly to organizations or candidates that P4D endorses.

Our Focus

In recent years, Americans have witnessed a blatant assault on civil rights, the rule of law, the Constitution, and the truth.  In the summer of 2020, our founders first partnered together to pool our talents, and go to work!  We are lawyers, public policy professionals, teachers, campaign veterans, media experts and the like.

The mission of Partners4Democracy is to provide recommendations for political contributions and personal engagement to an extensive network of interested people.  The goal is to support centrist and left-of-center efforts to facilitate and encourage voting; ensure fair voting procedures; protect our constitutional democracy; and support the rule of law.”

We mobilized to fight voter suppression and enhance efforts to encourage voting, particularly among those who previously have not been engaged in the political process.  Fundraising is an important component of our activities.  We identify solid grass roots organizations in swing states, including many during the election season, we identify underfunded candidates at the federal and state level who can be successful and whose election would make an important difference.

In support of these objectives, we have several main activities. We sponsor monthly Special Events featuring highly informed speakers on issues critical to our objectives, including the leaders of grassroots organizations we are endorsing, so that our friends and family can hear those leaders directly.  We raise money through these Special events for the groups and candidates we support.  We identify volunteer activities for those in our network who want to contribute beyond writing checks.  We produce videos that we make available at no charge to the groups we support. And we provide “Insights and Opportunities” memos on key political topics.

How We Are Organized

P4D strives to work by consensus.  Our all-volunteer organization is lead by an Executive Committee:

  • Edward B. Cohen (Chair) 
    John Arnholz (Chair, Finance, Operations, and Technology)
    Nancy Chasen (Chair, Outreach and Partnerships)
    Bert Foer (Chair, Political Research)
    Marc Miller (Chair, Education and Events)
    Lois Schiffer (At Large)
    Matt Schneider (At large)
    Anne Swanson (At large)
    Jim Trengrove (Communications)

Participants in P4D’s larger “Core Group” serve on our five operating committees and are active in an array of activities including the vetting of candidates and grassroots organizations under consideration for endorsement; research and drafting in support of P4D materials and programs; identifying and organizing volunteer opportunities; and communications and internal management.