Because your vote counts

Partners for Democracy Award Winning Videos


Our mission is to help at the grassroots level.  From fundraising, to campaigning, P4D has worked with more than a dozen organizations across the nation to help GET OUT THE VOTE. Video is one of the most effective tools in campaigning. But video can be costly. That’s where P4D comes in.  We provide full production support FREE for organizations to help get out the message, and get out the vote.  Here are a few examples.

It’s About Our Dreams

COVID-19 ran rampant across the country in the weeks and months leading up to the 2020 elections. P4D produced this nonpartisan video to remind Americans it was important to vote, not in spite of the pandemic, but because of it.

Getting Serious with Al Franken

“…”Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, first you have to have the boots!” A promotion video for an evening with Al Franken and a P4D Special LIve Event.

Our Vote Counts

There are forces in this country who continue to construct obstacles to discourage voting. P4D produced this video in 2020 to encourage young Americans to overcome those obstacles and exercise their constitutional right.

An Evening With Jamie Raskin

A promotion video for a P4D Special Event, “An Evening with Jamie Raskin”. P4D hosts live events with newsmakers and political voices to help raise funds for the Grassroots campaigns.

My Parents are Worried

Concerns over the pandemic and the climate crisis drove turnout in Georgia’s two January ’21 Senate runoff elections. As this P4D video demonstrates, young voters took the lead on behalf of all generations.

We Made A Difference

No question, young voters made a big difference in the election for Senate in Georgia.  But the race ended in a runoff and it was time to do it again. P4D jumped in to help with social media video.  Check it out!

A New Day is Coming

Our goal is to help get out the vote!  Change will come with the hard work by volunteers across America.  We support grassroots groups working for change and to get the right candidates elected at the national, state and local level.  P4D is always looking for volunteers.