Because your vote counts

The Wisconsin Primary

Partners 4 Democracy wants to bring to your attention a crucially important election occurring very soon. On April 4, 2023, voters will elect a potentially swing-vote Justice to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. The Court is currently 4 conservatives and 3 liberals, on a conservative is stepping down. From a primary on February 21, Wisconsin voters will select two of the four candidates to move on to the general election. P4D is watching the primary carefully, and will provide a speaker and recommendations shortly after it so that our family and friends will be informed and can make contributions and take action  for this important general election.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will be deciding issues of abortion, redistricting, voting rights, the governor’s powers, and may even have to weigh in on the 2024 Presidential election in this swing state.  The election to fill the seat of a retiring conservative justice is subject to a formally non-partisan election procedure, but this time the parties are lining up behind chosen candidates in what is clearly a very expensive and hard-fought race. The primary race has two liberals and two conservatives; if a liberal is ultimately elected, it will flip the Supreme Court to a putative liberal majority to grapple with these hugely important issues.

Although some activist groups such as Focus for Democracy and Emily’s List are endorsing a candidate in the primary, P4D is going to watch it, and act as soon as we know the candidates for the general election.